Sahara Training.

As you may or may not know I am due to trek across the Sahara desert on October 2013 as there are only 8 weeks to go, Paul and I decided to go for walk in Epping Forest as part of the training. We both run in our spare time so we are ahead of the current training plan which pleased us.

We started out around 11am baring in mind Paul had to drive down from Rayleigh with a hangover to meet me. He got supplies on route for a picnic, and off we went with out back packs. I have not worn a back pack since a mini stint of travelling I did in 2011, two strapping all the way. We had quite along conversation about backpacks and wearing either one or two straps depending on how cool you were.

After getting a bit lost, all trees look the same. We eventually found our way along the trail paths,that we later learnt all have names. We went up to High Beach and stopped for the picnic Paul had purchased, (thanks again).

ImageAfter the picnic we walked on further and managed to walk in a massive circle not quite getting the the hang of it. We walked round 5 miles after lunch then Paul thought it would be a good idea to climb a tree!

I gave it a go but tree climbing really isn’t my thing. Ill leave it to the boys.

After the Epic tree climb we walked further into the depths on the forest I was pretending to be the guy of mission impossible most of the time. We saw a combination of people bike riders, horse riders and runners we ended up at Waltham abbey. At this point we turned out and walked all the way back to my house in Chingford although that sounds easy we got stung by stinging nettles, and had to hunt for a doc leaf. Luckily Paul knew what they looked like. We also saw a wild rabbit on the way. Amazing.

After a new minor App problems and my phone dying we completed the 12.64 mile walk. My socks were filled with grit but it was a worth while adventure. Until next time!!

On arriving back we had a celebratory Rekorderlig cider, and it has never tasted so good!



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