‘Free travel magazine’

I was curious after getting a free magazine with escapism as the title. The guy handing them out yelling ‘travel magazine’ in his indian accent in itself made it seem like it was full of culture related articles. Me being me, loving a freebie. Who doesn’t? Took a copy to read on the train.

So, what is escapism?

The dictionary meaning would clear it up for the majority of people.

Escapism:the avoidance of reality by absorption of the mind in entertainment or in an imaginative situation, activity, etc.

I think it is a lot to do with travelling.
What is the reason people go travelling? Why are they running away?
Well, they may not be running maybe they may not want to grow up yet. I’m sure a lot of people will say that’s the thing that made them grow up, budgeting their money, free to come and go as they pleased. Working out where there next meal will come from.

Personally I’m not running away from anything by wanting to travel. I want to see and experience different things and cultures. While I can I currently live at home and don’t have any kids to pay for. Prime time to go wouldn’t you say? I loved Thailand it’s a brilliant country that I need to see more of.

Back to the magazine turns out its full of boutique hotels, and not a lot of culture. Not to mention a fair few adverts.

Although saying that, I did see an article on Vietnam, it really interested me. Not knowing a lot about the country and wanting it to be a part of my trip. I read about the killing fields where 100s of people where executed under the Khmer Rouge regime. To this day they are still finding skulls. Fascinating.

What made me laugh about the magazine is that South African airways are running a competition. What you have to do is submit a photo of South Africa in a contest to win flights to South Africa.. I don’t think anything needs to be said about the logic of that.

All in all not bad for a freebie, not quite what I thought it would be, and I suppose it’s fees able that a holiday could be viewed as an avoidance of reality.




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