Sahara kit list trauma.

I thought I’d be organised the weekend and look at the equipment list of things I need for my trek. I also came across the training plan. Ill leave that for another day….

After searching for the list through my emails I finally found it. My trusty backpack will come in handy again. Lovely and red I’m sure my employer will be pleased. I seem to already have half of the list, which is good in my book.

So far I need to get.
A mummy sleeping bag – I found after searching the Internet that they come in seasons. I also found that my kit list doesn’t tell me which season I’m going to need. Very helpful. I might just opt for the cheapest one and deal with it. We have been advised to pack a jumper to sleep in. It can’t be that cold in the desert can it?

A head torch – one item that I cannot wait to wear..NOT. But I also thought it might come in handy for later travels.

A water bottle – surprisingly a water bottle with a clip on is seriously hard to find.

A sun hat – I’m going to struggle with this one, I look like an absolute idiot in any kind of hat. Hats and me are not friends, we fell out ‘many moons ago’ as mother would say. I was hoping for an Indiana Jones style hat but I’m not sure it’s practical. The hat I need to buy is one you can imagine a man in his late 60s wearing. Ill leave you with that thought.

Gaitors – Im sure you don’t know what they are.. I didn’t up until a few weeks back. They are basically something you put over your shoes and up your leg to stop bits of sand, dirt, and grit finding its way into your walking boots. Like anything that’s useful on this trip, they’re not exactly pretty. After the walk in Epping forest last week where my socks were filled with foreign bodies I will definitely need these.
Take a look here.

Trekking trousers – I can’t even bare to think about what these look like and I doubt they will go with my walking boots..

Apparently the sun goes through normal clothes. Seriously, going to end up going in my running gear.

By the way these are the most awful thing I own.


Last but not least. A decent mobile phone charger imagine no phone for a week, need I say anymore?

I thought not.

I hoped I was prepared for the Sahara, looks like I was wrong.

54 days to pull my act together!!!!!



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