Yesterday’s Sahara training.

I put on my ugly walking boots for the fourth time yesterday and set out on another training session. This time I dragged along my mum. Taking along my trusty back pack for training purposes only… πŸŽ’

We started through the depths of the forest towards ‘the log’ which on the last training session, Paul and I estimated that was around the three mile mark. It was a fairly good day weather wise, I did pack a rain mac and umbrella just in case though.

On the walk (which was a fairly brisk one, I blame mum). I told her about my plans to travel a bit more in depth. We had perviously spoken about it before and she was under the assumption that I would be going for three months. This was the shock part of the walk, where I had told her I would be going for longer. I also told her about the TEFL qualification, teaching children and volunteering along the way. She seemed pleased.

Upon reaching ‘the log’ we had nearly hit the 3 mile mark.

Once at the the three mile mark we turned around and headed back the same way. We carried on walking back another two miles changing direction slightly. We then came to butlers retreat, a lovely little refurbished barn, where they serve good food and drinks. We stopped for a drink and rested our feet for a bit.

We walked up a steeper part of the bridal path to stumble upon this….

I thought it warranted a photo, as I don’t think I’ve seen mould poop before. (Sorry to those who don’t approve, I thought it was funny)

We walked back via a pond we used to go to when I was little to feed the ducks.

Shortly after we arrived home another six miles complete. πŸ‘


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