White water rafting at a London 2012 Olympic venue

Over the bank holiday weekend it was my birthday. 23 I know I’m getting on a bit now.

I decided on a different approach to celebrate rather than a night out. Which turned out being White Water Rafting at Lee Valley where events at London 2012 Olympic Games were held. With a BBQ the next day.

Turns out the day I had picked it chucked it down with rain. The four of us were excited anyway regardless of the weather.

After having a safety talk, we attempted to squeeze into our wetsuits, honestly that was a task in itself. We put on our little water boots that looked like elves shoes, life jackets, and a helmet. We were all set. (Im sure i had the smallest life jacket going with red lapels on, it could have possibly been a child’s one).


When we were all geared up we learnt some simple commands to use when out on the course. How to steer the raft, how to stay in the raft, most importantly what to do if anyone falls out. (Which they did). Our group was made up of 9 which would soon be scaled down to 8….

This is when it got real we had to jump in the water to do the assessment to check that we were able to float in the water properly. They also check our ability to swim by swimming though the current to the side. I’m not going to like I got stuck on a fake rock, but managed to free myself an float down successfully. Unfortunately one of our team didn’t pass and was not allowed to raft.
Sarah and I floating down:
Then there were 8. We set out on the course with our instructor Emily, plus a group of four who we didn’t know.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho it’s off to raft we go.

The rapids were amazing! The frill of the bumps and potential of falling out was just indescribable, at one point I did cling on to Sarah for dear life. We went round four times, it was great riding the waves the boat filling right up with water and we were the only team who’s raft didn’t capsize. I’d say was an accomplishment for the day 🚣.

We swapped about in the boat and completed another go successfully. We had a high five of oars at the end. On the last go when riding a massive wave our instructor fell out along with John potentially a 70 year only man! Bless

We all enjoyed the day, I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s truly a fantastic experience. I’m glad I’ve experienced a part of the Olympic legacy.

Take a look at the Lee valley website for more information and prices here

They also have photographers taking your pictures as you go round that you can buy at the end.

We had our own photo team that consisted of my mum and dad, who took between the two of them, 254 photos!!!! Here are a few:






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