Nike Run to The Beat – Half Marathon

Today I ran Nike’s Run to the Beat half marathon. I achieved a personal best but didn’t quite get under 2 hours. 2 hours 4 seconds!!! Can you believe it, so close but yet so far. I’m so happy that I managed to take the 27 minutes off my previous time.

After being up at 7 eating a breakfast of ready break with banana. A jam sandwich, mug of coffee and a bottle of orange lucazade sport. I was ready to run.

The race started late, there was a bottle neck standstill at mile 4 that added between 5-7 minutes to my time. For some it added up to 15 minutes.

The roads were quite narrow for the amount of people running (19000 approx), there was a killer hill at mile 12 that literally did take my breath away. We didn’t get a race pack with goodies but did get a medal. Unfortunately the music wasn’t exactly great and not really worth the Β£50 I paid to run. All in all I’m sad to say I won’t be running it again.

After the race I watched Jessie J perform on stage then headed to my local Toby Carvery for a roast dinner.

Other than the above I enjoyed my run and have a blister to prove it. Another medal to the collection, currently thinking of running the Silverstone half marathon again to properly beat my time.



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