Top tips for visiting Amsterdam

Well known for the sea of red curtains, numerous house boats, canals and plenty of museums.

My top tips:

Take the train from the Airport – Only 4 Euros – Personally I love experiencing a foreign countries public transport system. The journey was comfortable and were lucy enough a fast service was at the platform and only took 15 minutes.

Get a GBV travel card – mainly designed for tourists, they cover a 1 – 7 day period, you are able to use the card on trains, buses and trams. It saves you the time with taking change out and also saves you considerable amount of money. I got the 4 day pass for 21 Euros . These can be purchased from a GBV office, if staying in the centre theres one opposite Centraal Station

If you are going to be visiting a lot of museums and attractions make sure you at least take a look at the IAmsterdam card. This could save you money on entry fees, the basis of the card is purchased for a one off fee and you are then able to enter the museums for no extra cost.

Book tickets for Anne Franks Huis online especially if visiting at the weekend as there is always a very long queue.

Take a stroll on down the red light district. Another must see, and its a bit of a double whammy at after walking the canals, you have a sea of red curtains. I wouldn’t advise taking any pictures though. There are a few bars and shows down the ‘strip’ excuse the pun.

Float around the City on a canal boat. If you like the idea you can go on a hop on and hop off service which incorporates both the cities sites and a soothing bot ride. The ports even have WiFi!! If you don’t fancy a a canal ride there is also a similar bus tour that operates outside Centraal Station.

Visit a coffee shop, not sure you would need any kind of explanation for this, but when in rome… A popular choice is the Baba coffee shop.

My top things to do:
Anne Frank Huis
Sex Museum

Things I would have done if I had more time Heineken Experience, Van Gough, explore by bike.


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