City Break – Amsterdam

I recently ventured to Amsterdam for a 4 day 3 night break with a friend, what a brilliant experience it was.

Amsterdam is well known for all sorts to be perfectly frank (not Anne). In my opinion that’s what makes it great! The sheer diversity from one street to the next makes it a good all rounder of a city.

Arriving after at the Room Mate Aitana hotel, in the IJdock area, having to wrap up warm as the temperature during the night was around -4, wrapped out off we went to explore.

Anne Franks house was amazing, they have kept all original features and even built a building over the house to keep the original cobbled floor. On walking in you feel instantly overwhelmed by everything. On entering we were given a booklet about the house. Through out there are photo’s, models, original wall paper and photos. What I liked about the tour is in each room there was  video playing where the people involved with the secret annexe and would explain what it was like. As you would be expecting the original diary of Anne Frank is also displayed. Walking the steep stairs and witnessing the bookcase that hid the seven people brought home a little what it was like.

I was a little disappointed by the markets, but having said that it was still nice to have a wander about. Roaming the canals and nosing at the house boats it was good comparing the decoration and types, there are also hundreds to look at. We went on a canal cruise which was very informative giving a lot of history about the canals, the Amstel River and the parts of the city you see on the tour. Later in the afternoon we went to a cute little cafe for a fabulous banana split.

The Rijksmuseum wasn’t on our list of things to do but on a morning spent on the trams we decided to go. The architecture of the building is amazing along with the sky high stained glass windows towards the back of the building. There are so Many things to look at you could spend all day there. The main point of focus is the paintings by Rembrandt, they are huge and have so much detail. I got to see an Original one off YSL piece so I was happy with that. Im not a massive museum fan to be honest but it was well worth the 15 Euro entry fee and would definitely recommend going.

My favourite piece had to be this:


I wasn’t sure what to expect of the red light district and found it quite amusing, there are a lot of , pubs and shows to go to if its your type of thing. We just opted to go just to see it and headed to a coffee shop for some space cake and a warm drink.

One evening we went to Supperclub, its quite hard to find but worth it in the end. There are a series of beds and tables that you can choose from to have a meal, so its a bit of a novelty. As it was a Friday night we had a 5 course meal ahead of us, the food was absolutely amazing but quite small for the 69 Euro price tag it probably didn’t help that we had an early lunch and dinner was at 8-11.30pm. They put on entertainment that whilst we sipped our Prosecco, it consisted of a burlesque dancer, a pole dancer and a woman in a basically a cat outfit prancing around the room at one point she started to crawl over people which was really odd but hey, its Amsterdam anything goes. The food although amazing was very slow, I expected a better experience as I had been to the Bangkok Supperclub and it was out of this world. The guy next to me actually fell asleep… Once dinner was over we went down stairs to the club for more drinks and a dance.

The sex museum was a laugh, you can imagine all sorts was displayed, videos, paintings, photographs and more. The famous ‘cock seats’ are a must for a photo opportunity.

Amsterdam has a great bus tour with a hop on and hop off service that we went on, with head phones so you can get a bid of audio history. Its a great way to get round the City and there is even a free tour around the diamond factory that made the main stone of the Queen Eliza

beths crown. If you ere to sit on the bus without getting off its about a hours round journey departing from Centraal station.

Souvenir shopping in Amsterdam is great fun, you can literally get a Penis or Marijuana anything, you name it they’ll probably have it. I opted for an I love Amsterdam T-shirt its a bit of a thing I do, I get one from most places I go to. I might have to stop as Im not sure Ill be able to fit them in my backpack when I hit South East Asia. I also got a wooden pair of clogs and Penis shaped salt and pepper pots decorated with blue and white paint to look like traditional Dutch crockery.

On the last evening before heading back to the UK we went to the Hard Rock Cafe as it was a Saturday night it was a very long queue but luckily for us we found a space at the bar and drunk funky cocktails to our hearts content. The food was delicious and well needed by the time we got to eat. Hard Rock Cafe s one of those chains you just have to visit especially if you are a collector or their glasses or other memorabilia.

On our last day we laid in which was nice, then headed down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast with a view of the Ijdock.

I Amsterdam



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