Flying with Emirates

Emirates are an airline I fell in love with back in 2011 on board a flight from Singapore to Brisbane.

I was impressed with literally everything, the flowers in the toilet, the metal cutlery and the on board telephone obviously I’ve been flying with Easy Jet for far too long. I recently flew with them again from London to Kuala Lumpur via Dubai I was lucky enough to travel on one of the new A380 Airbus aircrafts of which Emirates were the fist to order these planes.. Their standard has gone up from back in 2011 in more ways than one, there immaculate staff still continue to provide excellent service, most speaking up to three different languages, I’ve never heard such a long list of languages that the cree speak, The new A380 flies into a hub in Dubai which is in a league of its own when it comes to airports.

The facilities are good too with so many options for food with pre-booking , healthy options, dairy free, gluten free and a host of  about 30 other options.  They have a very wide range of drink along with fine wines. You have a menu to choose from for the main meals and snacks are also listed. I liked the fact you had a separate cup holder so you dont have to have the whole tray folded out. All aircrafts are equipped with Wifi handy for a little cheeky mid flight Facebook update or that all important email (although you do have to pay for it which is the only drawback).

Whilst on board to keep you comfortable they provide a good quality blanket and pillow. There is a wide range of films,games and programmes to get into to make the time fly by, they are also in an array of different languages. It seems they have all the same films across the fleet especially when you’re part way through Hangover 3 30 minutes before your layover stop. I was on a 12 hour flight so I took full advantage of what was on offer. Ones of the things that was very useful were the plug and USB sockets per 3 seats you have 2 plugs along with your own USB port needless to say my phone was fully charged for the whole flight. The little added extras are also a nice touch staff handing out hot towels for you to freshen up  at the beginning and end of the flight. The hand and body lotions in the toilets are also a wonderful added extra.

Checking in with Emirates was a breeze flying economy there was no doubt a queue but it was a quick and painless experience and you get a 30kg weight on your luggage as standard. There is also the option to join the Skyward Airmiles programme whereby you earn miles as you fly and can also spend the miles with other major airlines such as Qantas, Easy Jet and Jet Star. The miles can also be spent against rooms with some big hotel chains. See the Emirates site for full details.

Emirates bagged the 2013 award for ‘The worlds best airline’ which in my eyes is very well deserved as they are my favourite airline and I choose them where possible.The only bad thing I have to say about them is that they collect the headphones and blankets about 15-20 minutes before landing which in my eyes is too early.


2 responses to “Flying with Emirates

  1. Fellow Londoner, world traveler and Emirates fan, thank you for the upbeat and encouraging post about EK. I’ll be joining them as crew soon and have started a blog (will have to set up my bucket list!). It’s great to see someone making sure they live life to the full and sharing it along the way; followed! All the best and maybe see you on an EK flight later this year.


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