Let the adventure begin. I’m off to Bangkok.

Its official, I have now booked my flight to the well known ‘land of smiles’. The place where many a backpacker will have started their journey and a well known back packer hub. The middle of September I will begin my solo adventure that has no timescale, I will be quitting my job in London and hitting the road for the foreseeable future (or until the money runs out, hopefully my budgeting skills are decent). Many are shocked that I’m off on this adventure alone but for me its exactly what I want and need. I can do what I want when I want and it suits me perfectly. I can change my plans at the drop of a hat with absolutely no one to answer to. Expect maybe my mother via Skype!

I have chosen Bangkok as I absolutely love the place, I know not all people do as it is said to be the ‘city of squalor’, but in 2012 when I last visited it totally amazed me. So I’m back for more. I’ve booked into a hotel for the first night to hopefully recover from jet lag and get a decent nights sleep. Β£30 well spent it my eyes especially as said hotel is only a 3 minute walk to the train station for me to get around. You might think that Β£30 is a bit steep for a backpacker budget but the hotel looks amazing and I deserve it. It’ll be off to If I have the energy on the day of arrival I want to explore Bangkok until check in as I arrive at 7am! I really am hoping I do.

So the count down begins! 11 weeks to go.



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