Last month I finished my 120 hour online TEFL course. I enrolled in the course to help me understand how people are taught English, as I plan to do a bit of volunteering whilst in Southeast Asia I thought it would be useful.

I did the course with TEFL UK, it was really good, very informative and also had print outs along the way which will be great to look back on. They also provided you the opportunity to complete the course within 12 months which is great for busy people or those who are not leaving on their trip for a while. I made notes through out completing the course which I will take away on my travels to look back on and guide me. The certificate is downloadable so can be printed of if needed. Pretty handy if you’re on the move. The great thing is you could complete an online course whilst travelling to get the most out if volunteering as an English teacher.

I’m looking forward to putting some of the skills I have learnt into practice later this year and build on them with classroom experience needed to be a skilled TEFL teacher. I’d hate to think children could be taught with only completing an online course.


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