Holi One London

Yesterday was the Holi One festival at Wembley Park in London.

Based on the Indian festival Holi, powder was thrown every hour on the hour. You wear white to the event and come out, well not so white. Although there was a very long queue to get in then a very long queue to line up for the powder it was totally worth it. By the end of the day colour powder will be everywhere, you name a place you’ll find some there.

With an array of fast food outlets promotional giveaways and cocktail bars there’s something for everyone. Wrist bands are given out with chips integrated so they can be topped up to save anyone losing money, but you could use cash too. Pretty clever idea. As there was only one stage it was doubtful if it would be enough but it was, it made the colour throws totally worth the wait.

It would be amazing to experience this at a real Holi festival. I can only imagine what it’s like to celebrate in India.

Look out for Holi One next summer. Believe it or not the colour does come out of clothes!

Take a look at the colour throw video





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