Confirmed Travel Route Part 1

In the last few months I have been planning my trip to Southeast Asia and beyond. Up until recently I had only a one way flight booked with a hotel for the first night in Bangkok.

Now I will be wandering around Bangkok for a week. I am excited as I have a 4* hotel booked for the first night as my flight arrives at 7am. I have booked into the NapPark hostel after this which will be my first hostel experience of the trip.

After Bangkok I’m off to Indonesia from there I will travel onto Singapore and Malaysia. Later heading up to the North of Thailand for a while and into Laos via slow boat to volunteer at an organisation called SAE Lao which I’m really excited about as Laos looks absolutely beautiful. I recently sent some books for the children that go to the English classes they run and hope to see them put to use. After Laos it will be around Christmas time so it’s off to the Thai islands of Koh Tao and Kok Samui. Followed by the further south islands of Phi Phi, Krabi and where ever else I please.

The plan is to follow this with Cambodia and Vietnam but as everyone knows plans change when travelling so I’ll keep you updated with any new developments.


One response to “Confirmed Travel Route Part 1

  1. I envy you so much…you chose the best time of the year to visit the region. If I were you, I’d really consider visiting Myanmar at some point of your trip. The flights from Bangkok are really cheap and they even started an evisa on arrival program now. The country has been developing at an incredible speed, so don’t believe anything the guide books say. Burma was literally the cultural highlight of my trip!

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