Fortnum & Mason Afternoon Tea – Review

Voted one of the best afternoon tea experiences London has to offer I was keen to check it out.

I was treated as a birthday gift to the afternoon tea by my mum, and it was great to spend time together before setting off on my travels.

I don’t think I’ve come across such a wide range of tea selections as I have at Fortnum and Mason, any tea you can imagine they will sell in some form. We went for the high tea with champagne. A range of allergy menu’s are on offer and I have to say the gluten free selections were surprisingly good.

The decor and ambience are as expected of the highest quality, music played on a piano through out and waiting staff are extremely attentive. We both felt that F&M was of a higher standard than The Ritz which I didn’t think would be possible as it’s so grand. That being said, although F&M isn’t as grand the service, ambience and food are better.

The range of finger sandwiches were unique and refreshing. I preferred the honey mustard chicken and the salmon and creme cheese out of the selection. You could opt for a second round of sandwiches if you wished. More cakes were also on offer at the cake stand these cakes were beautifully decorated but neither of us had room for any more.

As with all afternoon tea experiences they are expensive for ‘ just a bit of cake’ but none the less the experience is most definitely a pleasurable one.

On ending the lunch we were given two little pots of blended tea which is a very cute and a nice little touch.

I would give F&M 5/5




3 responses to “Fortnum & Mason Afternoon Tea – Review

  1. By its looks, I’m a bit surprised F&M’s afternoon tea is rated that highly. Don’t get me wrong, it looks lovely, just not as next-level as what some of London’s top hotels offer. Would love to try & see for myself!

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