Flying with Jet Airways. Why cheap long haul flights aren’t always a bad thing

I managed to get hold of a cheap flight via STA flying from London Heathrow to Bangkok for Β£340 one way! Yeah you read that right. Now obviously I was expecting the flight to be awful but to my surprise it was pretty good! The flight left on time promptly at 9.30am, the seat space was adequate for a long haul flight baring in mind I’m 5ft 3.

Initially I worried about the flight as I had recently looked at reviews of the airline online. Silly me. I’d advise not to do this as everyone has a different expectation from what they are used to and have probably paid a different price for the seat. Each seat has it’s own entertainment system with a wide range of films, TV an music to choose from. They don’t charge any extra for the head phones like some companies do. Individual blankets and pillows are clean and comfortable.

I didn’t experience any rudeness from any staff which is always a bonus they were actually really another thing that’s put me off of looking at airline reviews before flying. As my experience was the complete opposite of most of the reviews. Maybe because I had such a low expectation of the flight it seemed really good, I’ll never know.

As Jet Airways is an Indian airline I was expecting curry for a meal and it was actually really good considering it’s plane food. I had vegetable dhal rice with chapati. Hot drinks and alcohol also served along with snacks at the beginning of the flight. Cabin crew actually offered extra out as the flight wasn’t full.

Considering the price the layover was only 1 hour 45 minutes. The second flight was only 4 hours so it was on a smaller plane with less leg room and no TV. Food and drinks were still served but I slept for most of the flight.

All in all I’d not be put off by purchasing a cheap long haul flight again. It was above my expectations and I would fly with Jet Airways again. IMG_9096.JPGIMG_9080.JPG


2 responses to “Flying with Jet Airways. Why cheap long haul flights aren’t always a bad thing

  1. The long-haul flights with Jet Airways seem to be pretty okay. I’ve heard bad things about the shorter ones but I feel like the level of service really stepped up since they cooperate with Etihad Airways.

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