Review: NapPark Hostel Bangkok Thailand

I booked NapPark hostel online via Agoda (I love Agoda) if you’ve not used it to book hostels and hotel rooms in Southeast Asia then you should. I usually find they have the lowest price of all the sites. The app is great too.

So back to NapPark, it’s located two roads down from Khao San road and takes around 5 minutes or less to walk there. There is a 7/11 on the corner which is handy for a snack or drink. If you prefer to do it locally there are also street vendors along the street where 7/11 is so everyone is happy!

I stayed in the female dorm on the top floor. It’s about 4 flights of stairs up so lugging my heavy backpack up there was fun…. The room was painted white and all the sheets were clean and fresh. Each bed had it’s own plug socket, mirror and mini tv (not that I used it). The aircon doesn’t get turned on until 6pm being as it has not reached the cooler season it got a bit hot. Once it was on it’s fine, the unit gets turned off at 12 when the beds are made and sheets changed if people are leaving. The toilets were clean and so where the showers, they even have a hair dryer, so that’s useful. There are 2 showers and 2 toilets for the 10 bed room, it doesn’t sound like a lot but I stayed for 6 nights and never had to wait to use either. The locker space is big enough for all your belongings unless you have packed the kitchen sink. You will need your own padlock to lock it up though. Reception are very helpful, I even got towel use free of charge. Only downside to the room for me was I was there 6 days and not sheet change, not a big deal I don’t think they usually have people staying that long.

The social aspect of NapPark is great there is always someone around and in the evening everyone is in the common area then go of out for drinks and food. A large selection of films are available to watch which quite often people would be doing this in the after noon whilst the aircon wasn’t on in the rooms.

I really enjoyed staying at NapPark and will most definitely be back when in Bangkok again.




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