Skydive Jurien Bay – Western Australia 

Skydiving has always been on my bucket list and I finally got the chance to jump out of a plane at 15000 feet. The experience it self was brilliant I was petrified going up in a tiny little plane but the views were epic. Like nothing I’ve seen before. Seeing the bay from that high up I knew my photos had the chance to be good ones.
At the beginning of the day it was a really long wait I was booked in for 10am and didn’t jump until around 1.30 which for me ruined the whole experience. Some things can’t be helped, but it didn’t seem very organised.
After watching a safety video and being kitted up with a harness it was finally time to jump. I’ve already mentioned the views, but they really were amazing. I was really scared I’m not going to try lie about it. But I lived to tell the tale and Instagram the photos. On exiting the tiny rattle filled plane I was literally saying ‘oh my god, oh my god’ the I screamed. The feeling of free falling was amazing for a few seconds then I didn’t like it that much. Once the parachute was opened and I was about to see around me I really enjoyed it. I was able to steer the parachute and then we landed on the beach with ease.
I would recommend Jurien Bay Skydive mainly for the views and quality of photos. It’s an expensive but worth it experience, not sure I would do it again though. They have an Instagram account so you can see the quality of the images they capture. I was lucky enough to have one of mine featured.

$600 AUD for the jump, video and photos. For more information visit their website


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