Where to stay and not to stay in Bali..

Kana Kuta hotel in Kuta was pretty close to the hub of poppies lane 1 and 2 where you will find bars pubs and clubs. They offer a welcome drink and snack on arrival. The beds are comfy, rooms are clean and the breakfast selection is vast. Strong hots showers, lovely surroundings and a brilliant pool area to relax. Approximately £35 per twin room.

Cotton Tree cottages, Gili Trawangan. this is a cute little cottage down the back roads of the island, it took 10 minutes to get to the main path that let to restaurants and bars. The rooms was a family room with a mezzanine floor with a double mattress. A double bed downstairs and a cute little outside toilet. It was a strange feeling showing outside listening to the goats and animals next door. The places was really clean and breakfast served to the rooms every morning. Really good portions. The only downfall to the room was the shower, it didn’t have a lot of power and basically dribbled out. Cost approximately £15 per person per night for the family room based on 3.

Dana Guest House, Seminyak. Depending on your standard you might like this place personally I didn’t, it was basic and I can deal with basic. But it wasn’t that clean only a two night stay so it didn’t matter 2 much. Space was limited as there was 3 of us staying in the room and the extra bed was just a mattress plonked on the floor. Although the fake Louis Vuitton bed covers dos give us a laugh. Cold shower in the room with a communal hot shower next door. The main issue was the angry local dogs that were outside, making you a bit scared to enter the place, and the fact no taxi driver knew where the place was we had to direct the 15minute drive from the main restaurant and bar strip in Seminyak. I wouldn’t recommend staying here even though it’s sort cheap you’re better off staying closer to Seminyak. Cost approximately £4 a night.

Grandmas hotel, Seminyak. Only a 5 minute walk from the beach, the stylish decor makes it a great budget stay. The walls are pretty thin which would be the only downfall but other guests are also noisy so it’s not realistically the hotels fault. The green colour scheme works it’s nice clean and comfortable. The shower is nice and hot and the staff at reception are very helpful. There is a pool at the hotel but it’s very small with no sun loungers as the sun doesn’t really glare on to it. All in all it was a good comfortable stay for the price it was worth it. Cost approximately £10PP

Hostel Ubud in Ubud, located only a few minutes walk to the main part of town and a 10 minute walk to monkey forest. The hostel bunks are comfy each bed having its own plug and a box under the bed to store luggage. For a small fee and a deposit a towel and locker can be rented from reception. The restaurant below is nice for a beer and they have music playing until 11.30pm. Unfortunately you can hear this upstairs where the hostel is located if you don’t wear earplugs. The toilets and showers were cleaned daily. Only issue with the bathroom it is separated with a partition wall that doesn’t go from ceiling to floor so you can hear the toilet flushing and the shower which is fine during the day, but when someone decides to have a shower at 1am it’s not the best for the rest in the room. The room is nicely spaced out, with no air conditioning it can get a bit stuffy. A small word of warning, a lot of people use this hostel to climb Mt Batur where by they will leave at 2am this will happen every evening. Which is fine but some people do not have any hostel etticate and are encredibly noisy. Cost approximately £5 a night.

Gora Beach Inn located right in the huddle and bustle of the main part of Kuta it was basic but liveable again as it was so cheap it’s easy to live with the basic amenities. The shower was a cold one (other rooms have hot showers) but the bathroom was clean, the room decor is a bit old fashioned but that’s neither here or there in hindsight. The complex has a pool which is nice the room cost £10 a night roughly which is excellent value for money.


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