Budgeting for a trip abroad; What you need to know.

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I, like everyone else I imagine, just want to get away as much as possible. It’s not that I hate home; I love it. But, once I went away for the first time the bug hit me and I’ve never looked back. The only problem is budgeting for all the trips I want to make. There just isn’t enough money in the world! To make sure I have the opportunity to go abroad as much as possible, I follow these simple tips to budget for a big trip.

What To Spend Before You Leave?

It depends on what you want to do when you are abroad and how long you want to stay out there. I, for example, like to travel for as many months as I can, so I am incredibly thrifty when it comes to spending before I go away. I like the cheapest clothes and the cheapest flights I can find, no matter how many layovers and hours it adds to the journey! You might be different. If you have a bigger budget or don’t want to travel for an extended period, buy a bit of luxury. Get the direct flights in business class or even charter your plane with a company like Stratos Jets. Spend your money according to your goals.

Figure Out How Much You Will Need

Figuring out the budget for your travels is something that I always stumble on. I have travelled the world, but I never seem to be able to calculate how much cash I’ll need and I always find myself slipping into the money saver mode. In a lot of ways, calculating your budget isn’t easy because you can’t tell the future. A couple of additional costs will inevitably pop up and there is no way of predicting it. However, you can still have a go!

I like to start with the biggest expenses first – flights, trains, buses – and work my way down. Accommodation and food are also costly, so make sure you factor your digs and meals into the equation. My favourite tip, however, is to save as much money as you can, so you needn’t worry about your finances.

How To Save Your Money

Saving is the hardest part and I mean that. Saving the money you need takes the travelling from a pipe dream to reality, but it also means you have to sacrifice a lot to get to that point. Forget nights out your friends and prepare to become a social pariah. It is well worth it though!

One little tip I like to use write the number down on a piece of paper and stick it to the fridge. The note is a gentle reminder every time you go to get something to eat, plus the number will always be in your head. If that is too primitive, there are apps like Pear Budget that do the work for you. The software has a countdown function and can even advise you how to cut costs.


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