Bibra lake reserve in Western Australia (20 minute drive from Fremantle) is a quiet peaceful lake to run round, it’s pre measured track is great for those with or without GPS watches to track distance. The views are stunning and it’s a pretty flat run so runners of any level can use it. Running the circumference of the lake is 5.95 KM with a drink fountain at the beginning and pretty much half way. Every Saturday morning a 5km Park Run takes place, see the park run website for more information.

Many more locations in and around Perth, such as Cottesloe, Bunbury, Canning River, Lake Joondalup, Rockingham and more.

Trying to get back into running has been a bit hard for me over the last few weeks and this particular 5km hurt a lot. I’d be a liar if I say it didn’t admit it, my breathing was heavy and so were my legs. Hoping to try out some park runs over the next few months. 



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