Making Travel Meaningful

Travel can become addictive. It is hard to resist that feeling of adventure and exhilaration as we step off a plane or on board a ship. And why would we want to resist it? It makes sense to want to experience as much of the world as possible in the limited time we’re given. But to truly make the most of our travelling experiences, it is important that they stay meaningful to us. Too often, travel can become a way of simply off “ticking off” destinations. It can become an exercise in mindlessly moving from one place to another because that is what we expect to excite us and make us happy. For most of us, we travel to gain a new perspective and experience the very best that life has to offer. It has meaning for us every time we do it and we never take it for granted. But in worst case scenarios, excessive travel can be a result of escapism, boredom, or even status-seeking. If we love travel but are worried that it is losing some meaning or value for us, consider the suggestions below. You’ll put the spring back in your step and every journey will have significant meaning.
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1) Family History

Many of us love the sensation of an entirely new and surprising experience, but our history can be just as fascinating. Have you ever travelled back to the area that your parents or grandparents were born, for example? Even if it is not abroad, this can be an amazing opportunity to reconnect with the past and understand where your own life and family began. Revisiting an old haunt or a significant spot can be very meaningful for some people. It can also be a great trip to take with your parents in tow!

2) Giving Something Back

Travel can be an opportunity to unwind but it can equally be a chance to broaden our mind and values. Giving something back to an under-privileged community can be immensely rewarding, for example. Or helping with marine conservation or wildlife management. Websites like can help you investigate your options and match your interests with a country and project to suit you. Contributing to a great cause can be the perfect opportunity to travel more whilst also directly benefitting the places we visit.

3) Making Memories

The aim of every trip should be to make memories that will last a lifetime. But how about putting them into a tangible project? Travelling with the aim of making a scrapbook of the trip or writing a journal can be a great way to give additional value and meaning to your trip. Adding photographs, tickets, brochures, and written memories can all give character to your project. Photo albums with pictures are always attractive but may not tell the whole story. Adding notes, funny stories, memories, and written detail with give more depth to your project. The item you produce will always be a great keepsake and may even become a family heirloom.


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