Planning Your Honeymoon? Avoid These Travel Planning Mistakes And Make It The Trip Of A Lifetime


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Your honeymoon provides you and your partner with rest and relaxation after months of wedding planning. It’s also a celebration of the beginning of your life together and should be a trip you both share the memories of forever. But with so much pressure to make this a one in a lifetime experience, planning mistakes can easily be made. To ensure you plan a honeymoon that you remember for all the right reasons, here are some common mistakes you should avoid.

Not planning together

To plan a honeymoon that you will both enjoy, it’s always better to do it together. If only one of you plans the trip, you could end up with a trip that only caters to one of you instead of both. If you have different interests and personalities, this could make your honeymoon not as enjoyable as it could be for you or your partner. So take a break from your wedding planning and spend some time researching destinations and holiday activities you both will enjoy. This will also give you both the opportunity to discuss what kind honeymoon you would like. Whether it’s a luxury ski trip or a romantic beach holiday. You may have to compromise occasionally but doing this will guarantee you create a honeymoon that everyone enjoys.

Sticking to what you know

While it may be tempting to go to a place you’ve been to before, it can also make your honeymoon seem like every other vacation. So why not use this opportunity to think outside the box and try something new and exciting. You could research luxury hotels in Switzerland, Africa or South America. Or plan a romantic road trip or train journey through America or Europe, so you can see multiple places during your trip. Backpacking and hiking adventures could also be a unique honeymoon activity to consider. Even if you just want to relax on the beach, you could visit a remote island destination. This will be far more romantic and won’t be overrun with tourists giving you plenty of privacy. Your honeymoon should be a trip that stands out so try to make it as special as you can and don’t just stick to the norm.

Leaving everything to the last minute

It’s no secret that wedding planning is hard work and time-consuming. But don’t let this jeopardise you enjoying your honeymoon to it’s fullest. Leaving your planning to the last minute could get you cheap flights, but it could also have an adverse effect too. You may find the hotel you wanted to stay in is fully booked or overpriced and that your flights are at awkward times. It’s always better to book in advance to avoid disappointment, plus many luxury resorts and hotels will require plenty of notice. Otherwise, you may have to compromise on every aspect of your trip.

Now you know what mistakes you need to avoid; you can start planning your honeymoon. It should be a trip where you can both have fun, relax and be romantic in your own unique way. So get it organised today so you can start looking forward to it as soon as possible.


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