Staying Calm As A Nervous Traveler: Where You’re Going Wrong


We all know a nervous traveller. We may even be one ourselves. Becoming nervous about travelling is largely understandable when we consider what is actually happening. The same reasons that many people love to travel are the same reasons that make others nervous about it. It reveals new situations, challenges, and changes. It requires energy, adaptability, and quick thinking. It takes a degree of both organisation and spontaneity too. Travelling effectively and happily actually requires a combination of different skills. It isn’t necessarily all about relaxing and having fun. But there are many ways in which nervous travellers make it difficult for themselves. If you’re looking to reassure a nervous traveller, or want to dispel some of your own fears, browse the tips below to see where you might be going wrong.

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Leaving Things Until The Last Minute

When we’re nervous about something, we may naturally avoid thinking about it and planning. As a result, we give ourselves much more to be nervous about! If we leave plenty of time before the trip to get organised, research, and address concerns, we’ll have a much better experience. If you’re frightened by something, resist the urge to look the other way. Face it, and you might be surprised to learn that there was nothing to be scared of. Plan in plenty time so that you can progress step by step. Then, when the time comes to travel, you will know that much of it has already been taken care of and you can focus on relaxing.

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Travelling Too Far

Many nervous travellers think that travel is only valid if it is somewhere exotic and far away from them. The truth is that there is probably as much to experience right on your doorstep! Many people know other parts of the world better than they know their own area! If you or another nervous traveller want to build your confidence then start small. Explore things locally and build up your resistance to new situations and locations. It can be overwhelming to take a long journey and deal with an entirely new language and culture if you’ve never even left home before. Build up little by little.


Not Consulting Experts

Part of being nervous can often mean burying our head in the sand. Most of our fears often come from the unknown. If we make a little extra effort to ask around and mention our concerns to others, they can usually be put to rest! Andre Robles is an experienced agent in travel and we should consult similarly trusted companies on what is safe and suitable for us. We can read travel guides and magazines to learn more. We can ask friends and family for helpful tips too. We never get rid of our fears by ignoring them. But learning more can instantly make us feel more in control.

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Travelling For Too Long

The length of a trip can be as daunting as a location. Many holidays can be just as enjoyable and effective if they are short. Sometimes, that intensity is actually beneficial. We are more focused with our time and activities. Don’t feel like you have to travel for weeks or months to benefit from being somewhere new. Starting off with short stays or city breaks can be a wonderful way to catch the travel bug and build your confidence at the same time.

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