Keeping The Family Happy In a Snowy Destination

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Whether you’re heading off to Lapland or a Ski Resort in the French Alps, taking the whole family to a snowy destination can be a challenge! Here are a few ways to keep everyone happy!

Keeping warm, dry and cosy is a priority, so think about layers rather than one thick woolly jumper. For little ones, this is ideal. As they gallop around in the snow, it is easy to remove a layer or two and keep them on standby for later when the fun and games have finished. Try this tip for yourself. A long sleeved t-shirt under a top and a lightweight jumper are worth their weight in gold when temperatures are low.

Next, onto hats, gloves and sensible scarves. There is nothing more frustrating than spending half your time rearranging that lovely long woolly scarf you bought. It might droop in the snow or tickle your neck as you warm up! Instead, consider short, thermal items. Prioritise practicality over fashion! Head for one of the many outdoor activity outlets and be guided by them. If their items are overpriced, have a look online when you return home instead.

So, once you’ve arrive you’ll need to go about planning your days? Make the activities fit with what you and your family can realistically manage. Acclimatise yourselves first also. So, maybe don’t do a full day away from your base to begin with, just half instead. Arrange to return for a midday meal and a rest before heading out to build that snowman or walk to that lovely little town you spotted yesterday.

Encourage the children to take photographs of their new surroundings. They could even keep a picture diary of their holiday. Holidays to Lapland for families are the perfect thing to show off to their friends about when they get home! Take them on short, manageable hikes through the snowy landscape, and share with them the new sights and sounds. For the baby or toddler you may want to invest in a baby carriers. They’re great for little one to view the action from your back and reassures you they are safe and comfortable.

Once you’re ready for action, there is a multitude of activities to enjoy. Ditch the pushchair and hire a sledge. It’s both practical for getting around and great fun on the slopes. It’s also useful for carrying that all-important survival kit! Essential are sunglasses for everyone, a good Factor 30 for you and a 50 for the children. Drinks and a snack or two will keep everyone going during your fun time.

Ski resorts cater for all the family, so check out the toddler ski school, and consider having a lesson or two yourself. Skiing or Snowboarding are always worth a try for everyone! You can join a group, or have some one-to-one tuition.

Even non-skiers can enjoy the après ski from morning until night. Watching the action and soaking up the sun and the atmosphere is seriously recommended! Maybe consider a sledge ride for the family. Bundled up and riding through the snow covered countryside is both magical and memorable.

Wherever you find your snowy destination keep these tips in mind for a warm, wonderful holiday.
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