Stunning Adventures Await You in Africa

A lot of people say they’d love to go on holiday in Africa. Of course, many people don’t realize that that’s as specific a desire as wanting to go on holiday in Europe! People forget sometimes that Africa is an entire continent, not a country! (Although South Africa is its own country.) Africa holds 54 independent states as of 2016. (Though the country of Egypt also leaks out into Asian territory!) So if you’re thinking about “holidaying in Africa”, you may want to be more specific!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going to Africa and visiting several countries. They all have so many great things to experience for budding travellers. Here are a few favourites for people are  considering a trip to these amazing lands.


Go mountain climbing in Tanzania

Sure, there are loads of great mountains in Africa. But why settle for anything less than Mount Kilimanjaro? It’s the tallest mountain in all of Africa, though that doesn’t mean it’s not ascent-friendly. It’s definitely a huge undertaking and requires a lot of research and acclimatization. But remember: you don’t have to reach the very top to experience all its wonder!

Of course, if you don’t like heights, the Kilimanjaro National Park might be better suited to you!


Visit the Temple of Karnak in Egypt

There are an astonishing amount of great tourist attractions in Egypt. All the things you learned about in school can still be seen in all their glory today. The Pyramid of Giza, the Valley of the Kings and Queens, and the Great Sphinx are all available. (Warning: like the Mona Lisa, the Sphinx is probably smaller than you think it is!)

But a visit to the Temple of Karnak is absolutely essential. You can journey through these amazing ruins with or without a guide. At night, the place is lit up in incredible colours.


Hang out with the exotic wildlife in… pretty much anywhere

Thanks to companies like the Safari Club, you can hang out with exotic wildlife safely in several African countries. There are many of the animals that you’d expect to see out there. There are lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, crocodiles. I could go on. (Not that you necessarily want to spend much time hanging out with a crocodile!)

But there are several other animals to be found in Africa that you may never have heard of. People always mentioned the big, grizzly, usually dangerous ones. But Africa is also home to a mind-blowing array of stunning birds and antelopes. There’s also the super-cute dwarf mongoose. Though I’m sure your friends will be less impressed by pictures of the mongoose and will ask to see more photos of lions and tigers.


See the incredible rock formations in Madagascar

Yes, Madagascar has more to it than those movies might suggest! (Don’t get me wrong though. There are lemurs. A lot of lemurs.) This gorgeous island – the fourth-largest in the world – has some incredible geography. One of the favourites for travellers can be found at the Tsingy Rouge Park. The red laterite formations have to be seen to be believed.

(But seriously, there really are so many lemurs in Madagascar.)


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