Everything You Need For The Ultimate Survival Weekend

A survival weekend could be anything from an easy camping trip away to getting yourself amongst the wilderness. It can be an exhilarating experience and something many people can enjoy doing. Whether you choose something quite painless or go for the ultimate in survival techniques amongst nature. There are essentials that everyone will need with them. So if this sound like something you are going to do in the future then take note of this guide.


A decent backpack

When going on any survival weekend or camping expedition, it is important to have a decent backpack. The chances are this backpack will need to hold everything you need for your time away. So this might include camping essentials, clothing, food and water. It would be best to have something that can carry a large capacity but is still comfortable for you to carry for long periods of time. Checking out websites like chandlerrodandgunclub.com could offer real insigt in to different options available. It might also be worth making sure that the backpack is waterproof and can carry everything you need it to. Make sure you pack it in advance to avoid any problems before you set off.

Water bottle

When you are out you will need a decent supply of water to survive. So having a decent water bottle with you is essential. You need to utilize every opportunity to replenish your water stock. Most of the time you will be moving and using up energy so your body will need constant hydration. It would be worth having two. One that you can drink out of and one that can be collecting potential new water as you come into contact with clean water supplies.


Waterproof outerwear

No one knows what the weather will be like for you, depending on the altitudes that you may reach it would be best to make sure your outerwear is waterproof. This isn’t only to protect you from rain storms but also humidity which can soak clothes. It’s much more comfortable to have dry clothes underneath for walking and continuing with your expedition.

Hiking boots

When going out on a survival weakened the chances are you will be walking or moving a lot. So it is essential to make sure your footwear is up to the job. Hiking boots would be most recommended to wear. They offer support and comfort whenever needed. You will be walking on rough terrain, and these boots are built for those types of conditions, while offering support for your feet and muscles.

Tent and campsite essentials

Finally, don’t forget to pack up campsite essentials. This is normally a tent, sleeping bag and mat and any cooking equipment you might need. While you won’t be taking a conventional camp stove with you. It would still be advisable to bring a few tin cups to cook certain things in or boil water to make it drinkable. It would also be a good idea to carry with you some materials needed to start a fire, at night that is the one thing you will need to get going quickly.

I hope this helps you when heading out on a survival weekend.


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