Sun, Cities And Adventure On The East Asian Coast

East Asia has to be one of the top regions in the world to visit.  It’s a paradise for all kinds of holiday goers. Whether you love relaxing on the beach or hitting up some of the brightest, most hectic cities in the world. Whether taking a tour is your style or putting on a backpack. From the superpower that stands tall in the region to the treasures of southeast Asia, we’ll look at a few destinations that need to be on more bucket lists.



We’re starting off big with one of the most diverse holiday destinations you could ask for. China has just about everything to offer. Companies like China Links Tours display some of that variety themselves. From the towering metropolises like Beijing and Chongqing. To nature in full flow, whether it’s the Yangtze or the rainbow mountains of the Danxia landscape.

Hong Kong

A special administrative region that’s part of China but so worth covering individually all the same. If you want to see the man-made hitting nature in a unique impactful way, this is one place to go. Just take a hike up the mountains and look behind you to see the gorgeous skyscrapers meeting you eye-to-eye. It’s not just views it’s famous for, either. It’s just as much a paradise for lovers of shopping and fashion.



Heading south, you get to see a country that is famous for another kind of beauty entirely. Yet, the natural beauty the region is known for extends here. But one of the things Thailand is really famous for is some of the most gorgeous temples and religious buildings in the whole world. Even in Bangkok, Wat Pho and Wat Arun display the awe-inspiring beauty of Buddhist temples.

The Philippines

When you talk about holidays, about the sun, sea and sand, who doesn’t imagine a gorgeous island retreat? It’s a common fantasy and not one that’s too unobtainable, either. In fact, that seems to be main draw of the Philippines. Though it isn’t quite as famously cheap as it used to be, Boracay still makes for one of the best beach destinations you could hope to set foot on.



Another gorgeous retreat and one that’s not quite as popular as those mentioned above. Malaysia is still well worth the visit. Kuala Lumpur has one of the most impressive buildings in the world in the form of the Petronas Twin Towers. Then there’s Bukit Bintang, which shows you don’t necessarily have to go to Hong Kong to have a vibrant, exciting shopping experience.

Obviously, there are a lot more places in east Asia that deserve some coverage. Sri Lanka. Vietnam. Japan. Like each of the entries here, they all deserve their own articles. I just wanted to show some of the best places you might want to stop if you’re ever considering a big tour of East Asia. I hope I’ve inspired some additions to your bucket list. No doubt we’ll be looking further into some of these again in future.


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