Advice for Planning a Once in a Lifetime Trip to Israel

At the moment, quite a lot of people can be put off the idea of traveling to Israel. It is such a shame because it is an amazing place to visit. The culture is fascinating, and the history and architecture is stunning. You just need to make sure that you are clued up on the country, and it’s policies and choose the right areas to visit. Then you can get the most out of your trip.


First of all, there are still plenty of people that visit Israel. They may be visiting for religious reasons or just have a curiosity in the country. So do bear this in mind when you visit. At religious sites and some towns, modest dress is expected. So make sure that you have clothing that doesn’t show cleavage or your midriff, has sleeves and covers your knees. You don’t want to stand out and look disrespectful so have a scarf to cover your head too. These would be places like Jerusalem and Bethlehem. A lot of people will be making a once in a lifetime visit and will want to visit these sites that are sacred to them, and be able to enjoy them.

These sites will include the Old City of Jerusalem and Yad Vashem. The latter is a Holocaust memorial site and is one of the places in the Jerusalem area that is a must see, religious or not. The western wall and tunnels are also in the area and is simply stunning. You might have seen it in movies but witnessing it in person does it much more justice. Though it does have quite a sad story behind it. The is, of course, places like the Garden Tomb that you could visit. These have a lot of significance to the ‘Easter’ story, and it is amazing to be in the areas that these events took place.


The Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee are great places to visit too. Israel doesn’t have to be all about city sights, and you can relax a little more in these areas. They are so beautiful too. There are lots of museums and churches that you can see, and they are all so striking. There is a lot to do in Israel!

One of the safest and best ways to see the sights is by having some guided day tours or private tours. You can plan where you would like to visit and have a local person show you around. It is one of the best options as your guide knows all of the customs and can obviously speak the language. They would know all of the best places to visit and the places that you might want to avoid too. Quite a lot of tour companies drive you around too. How nice would it be not to have to use any public transport? So you should like into booking some tours for sure.

Have you ever been to Israel? I’d love to hear your thoughts and insight on visiting.


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