Don’t Make These Ridiculous Camping Mistakes!


Despite all the technical advancements we’ve made in entertainment, camping still remains extremely popular. And for very good reason! It would be a shame if one of the quintessential American pastimes had just disappeared over the years.

But camping remains strong because it’s one of the best ways to break away from reality. Sure, these days we have so many movies and video games out there that help us escape reality for a little bit. But these sorts of entertainment cease to be a true escape when they become part of your everyday life. You can go on traditional holidays and stay in hotels, but it’s still not quite the same.

Camping is the ultimate break from your everyday domesticated life filled with technology. But a lot of people make some strange mistakes when they go camping! Make sure you’re not making them yourself.


Letting your sleep get uncomfortable

A lot of people associate camping with uncomfortable sleep. They never imagine a luxurious, warm bed, and with quite good reason. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort into making your sleep as comfortable as possible. No-one’s going to accuse you of not being “real camper” if you put a bit more between you and the floor!

Camping is supposed to be fun, or at least adventurous, right? Being uncomfortable when you’re trying to sleep isn’t much fun. But more than that, it affects your ability to sleep properly. And when you’re not sleeping properly, it affects you throughout the day. You won’t be as alert as you should be. And when you’re out there in the wilderness, staying as alert as you can could save your life! A bad sleep will make you more irritable and less likely to want to get out there and explore.

You should also consider that sleeping uncomfortably can cause various aches and pains. These will affect your ability to move around properly. And if you want to roam around the areas surrounding your campsite, then you may find yourself having a hard time doing it. So make sure you invest in some decent sleeping materials! Find out more about the risks of bad sleep at


Underestimating fire

Ever wonder why Smokey Bear is still on TV after just over seventy years? It’s because careless campers are still one of the leading causes of wildfires. After millennia of using fire you’d think we’d have learned how to handle it a bit better by now. But people are still putting their lives at risk with poor fire skills while they’re out camping.

You should find out if the camping site you’re visiting already has a designated area for fires. These will generally come in the form of a fire pit or a fire ring. Most national parks will have some, and these are the places that most people go camping. But many people prefer to go a little bit farther off the map, away from the mainstream visitors of big parks. In that case, such facilities probably won’t be immediately to hand.


Make sure the fire is never left unattended. And don’t let it grow to some massive size! I know it must be a rush to get a massive fire going, but you should always keep it manageable. You should also have an extinguishing plan and the required items to hand for immediate use. This is where a lot of people go wrong. Extinguishing a fire isn’t as easy as it may appear! The best thing to do is to simply let it burn out. But if you need to extinguish it, pour lots of water on it until the hissing stops. You should then take a stick and poke the materials around, making sure you get water on everything. Ideally, everything should be cool to the touch when you’re done.

Buying low-quality camping supplies

Here’s a weird thing that people who want to go camping often get into their heads. Because camping is seen as a “return to nature”, people often want to spend as little as possible on the equipment they bring with them. Sure, for most people it’s simply a matter of saving money. For for some, cheaper equipment means that the equipment is more “basic”. And there seems to be a certain level of pride to be earned by taking on the wilderness with such basic equipment.


Am I going to tell you not to try to save money? No. But you need to make sure you’re not buying low-quality equipment. Otherwise, you could find yourself not having much fun. And that’s the best case scenario. You could be putting yourself and your fellow campers in danger if your equipment isn’t up to a certain standard of quality.

Low-quality equipment is likely to fall apart or simply not work just when you need it. Poor tents and pegs, for example, might not stick into the ground as well as they should. Bad tarp can rip easily and start letting in water. Strong tarp, such as you can see at, should not be underestimated! Cheap portable stoves may not start a cooking fire when you need it to. Make sure you’re looking for high-quality stuff.


Completely ignoring technology

This mistake is often made for reasons similar to the one I referred to in the previous section. Bring modern technology with you sounds to many people like a defeat of the whole point of camping. And it’s not like we can totally blame people for wanting to leave these things at home. It’s nice to get away from all this modern tech; it’s one of the reasons we go camping.

Indeed, relying too much on modern technology is often listed as a camping mistake. And it is; you will definitely need to get used to going without your smartphone or laptop. You definitely can’t choose to leave a physical map or a flashlight at home because you have apps on your phone that does the job for you. Your smartphone may not have the signal you need out there after all!

But this doesn’t mean you should just leave all your tech at home. At the end of the day, this stuff can help you communicate with the outside world. And if you do find a signal, you’ll never know when the Internet could come in handy. So stock up on some spare batteries and bring your smartphone with you, at least.


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