5 Signs You Need To Go Camping

Maybe you’ve been thinking about going camping for a while now. But you’ve haven’t gotten round to it yet. Perhaps you’re waiting for a sign of some kind.

Well, here are five signs in your personal life that could be trying to tell you that you need to go camping!


You haven’t seen some of your friends for a while

Camping is an absolutely amazing group activity. As we get older, we tend to see our friends a lot less. Sure, we stay in touch over Facebook, sending the occasional message or liking the occasional status update. But we rarely spend good amounts of time with our old friends.

Camping is a great way to spend extended amounts of time with people. It also forces you to do quite a lot of teamwork. Camping can help you tighten any bonds that you feel were loosening.

You want to see some more of nature

Maybe you live in the city. Or maybe you live just outside it, in a quiet suburb. Wherever you live, the likelihood is high that you’re not somewhere that exposes you to nature a lot. You may see some pretty flowers, some great trees, maybe even a fox or a squirrel now and then.

But you don’t really get to see anything beyond that. The vast majority of the time, you mostly see brick and concrete and the comfortable fabrics of office furniture. If you want to fill your life with more trees and animals, then take a camping trip. It may inspire you to do some creative writing!


You’ve never done it before

Really? You’ve never gone camping before? Well, it’s probably something you should experience at least once in your life. It might be best to ask yourself why you haven’t done it yet. Do you not like the idea of being out in the wild? Do you think that camping can only be an uncomfortable, sleepless experience? Or is it just that no-one will go with you?

Whatever the excuse let it go. If you do it right, camping can be totally safe. It can be as comfortable as you make it. And you can go camping alone! Make sure you get any info or equipment you need from somewhere like Rolling Fox before you head out, though!

You need a break from modern life

All those screens and all that hectic transport is making you stressed. The more stress you’re under, the worse you sleep. You experience more anxiety in this state, even if it’s just low-level anxiety. You feel rushed and in frequent need of distraction.


But when you’re out camping, there’s none of that. You’ll have no computers and no television. You’ll probably be using your mobile phone a lot less. Your travel will mostly be walking among nature. You’ll have less exposure to artificial light.

You need a cheap vacation

Sometimes, it doesn’t really matter what particular form a vacation takes. You just know you need to spend some time away from work and out of the house! Camping is a totally affordable way of doing just that. It may not scream “luxury” to you, but it’s still a fun time away from your day-to-day.


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