Off To London? Here’s Your One-Stop Accomodation Guide

There’s a reason that London always features in Hollywood movies, TV shows and even video games. It’s one of the most influential and popular cities on the planet, and the statistics prove it.

But, this popularity can mean trouble for you, the tourist. London is a bustling network of traffic, pedestrians and trains, making it hard to navigate and even harder to predict. This in mind, your choice of accommodation is everything. It will determine how easy your stay is, and which attractions you can visit without a fuss.

So, pack your London Pass and factor in the following nuggets of advice to make your trip more enjoyable!

Plan your accommodation around your desired attractions

London is vast – more vast than you’d imagine. It’s also packed with dozens and dozens of tourist attractions, from the Tower of London to Madame Tussauds. Depending on the nature of your visit, you’ll need to make sure that the location you stay in is near the places you want.

So, at the very least, consider browsing an online map and checking out where you stand. London’s subway system does make things easier, but it’s incredibly busy all day and you’ll prefer to be walking.

Consider the length of your stay

If you’re going to be staying for a while, then it may be wise to choose somewhere that feels more like a home. There are plenty of London serviced apartments that can offer you comforts like wi-fi, a maid service and en-suite rooms.

Because the last thing you want to do is experience the hustle and bustle of London and return back to a dumpy hostel room. That is, unless you’re really strapped for cash and a hostel is your only choice.

Book online in advance

If you think you can just show up to London and pay for some accommodation on the day, think again. You might get lucky, but more often than not, rooms are booked up way, way in advance.

And it’s the 21st Century, after all; it’s not like you have a shortage of booking options. There are literally hundreds of mobile apps, sites and services that revolve around this very function. So as early as possible, get online and plan your break! You’ll regret it if not.

Factor in transport links

As we previously mentioned, London is vast, and the subway, while useful, is always packed. That’s why I’d recommend looking into the other transport options London has to offer, and use the subway as a last resort.

So when choosing your accommodation, have a look at nearby services. As we mentioned in point one, you could make sure you stay near your chosen attractions so you don’t have to travel. If this isn’t an option though, you have several other choices on your plate.

First of all, London’s bus service is second to none. There are buses more frequently than you can count, so see if your accommodation is near a bus stop. You can’t pay in cash though, so take that card!

In terms of more eco-friendly options, London does offer a popular cycle hire service available 24 hours a day. These bikes are cheap to rent and can get you pretty much anywhere, so you won’t be stuck in traffic queues.


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