The Ultimate Luxury Holiday Cheat Sheet: Here’s What I Recommend

There are all kinds of ways you can travel the world these days. Some people prefer the frugal approach and backpack. Others opt for package holidays from their local travel agencies. But, there are a few people that enjoy relaxing on a bespoke luxury holiday.

By their standard definition, luxury holidays usually mean they are expensive. But, did you know it’s possible to save money and still enjoy a five-star experience? The following ultimate luxury holiday cheat sheet will show you how:

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Build your holiday from scratch

The first thing you need to do is forget about the pre-packaged deals that travel agents offer. What you need to do is plan every aspect of your luxury getaway yourself!

For example, let’s assume that you have set your sights on a romantic holiday in Indonesia. The first thing you ought to do is research a luxury hotel in Bali. Some people might suggest you arrange flights before booking hotels. But, there’s no point doing that if you’ve got nowhere to stay!

With so many airlines around these days, getting flights to any destination is easy. That’s why I recommend arranging your accommodation first. Avoid the temptation to book package deals. I’ve always saved money by booking things separately. Especially when airlines and hotels have special offers.

Give plenty of notice when booking

The next thing you should do is book your flights and accommodation a few months before you travel. Doing so means you can enjoy some significant savings. If you book nearer your travel time, prices will rise – especially if there is a high demand.

I suggest booking at least three months in advance of your travel to enjoy some savings.

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Don’t stick to the tourist trail

To truly enjoy a luxury holiday, one thing you should do is explore off the beaten track. Sure, feel free to visit popular landmarks on your travels. But, there is plenty to experience outside of the tourist areas.

You might wish to consider hiring a luxury vehicle or a supercar too. That way, you can enjoy exploring your destination in style! Why should you settle for some boring family car when you could drive a Ferrari?

I recommend doing some online research of places to visit. TripAdvisor is a good website to use when thinking of itinerary ideas. You might also wish to look at the Lonely Planet website. Last, but not least, don’t forget to check out blogs (like this one)!

You are far more likely to get a detailed analysis of non-tourist ideas from bloggers. Especially when they document their visits with plenty of photographs.

Create a budget

It’s all too easy to spend thousands on your luxury holiday. But, luxury doesn’t always have to cost lots of money! The smarter way to plan a luxury holiday is to set a defined budget. That way, you can be sure that you’ll have a good time without going broke.

Thank you for reading today’s article on luxury holidays. See you soon!

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