Off Camping? Here’s An Essential Packing Checklist

Camping is a fantastic way to get out and about and explore without spending a fortune. Are you thinking of going on a family vacation this summer, or heading off on a romantic outdoor adventure? If so, here is a packing checklist to make life easier.

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Sleeping gear

Sleep is essential for any intrepid adventurer. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep in a tent. You just need the right equipment. Take lightweight sleeping bags for camping in the summer. If you’re braving the winter temperatures, take a heavy duty sleeping bag and extra blankets. Many people prefer to take normal pillows if they have space in the car. If you’re tight for room, camping pillows are a good alternative. Make sure you take a groundsheet or a roll mat to lie on. If you’re used to creature comforts and sleep is a priority, you could also take an air mattress.


When you’re camping, it’s important to think about comfort and warmth, rather than style. You’re probably not going to look like a catwalk model. But you won’t care when you’re toasty and dry on top of a mountain looking out over stunning scenery. Take warm layers, a waterproof jacket and thick socks. If it’s cold outside, pack some thermals and wear a hat and gloves. You can find the latest weather forecasts at


A backpack is a camping holiday must. With a backpack, you can carry everything you need for the day without compromising your ability to enjoy outdoor pursuits. You can take snacks and drinks with you, and extra layers in case you get cold. You can also carry your camera, first aid kit and a map with you. Check out for ideas.

Cooking utensils

You don’t need to be a master chef to create delicious, hearty meals in the wild. All you need is a supply of foods that are easy to cook using a portable stove and basic utensils. As well as a stove, you may wish to take a small barbecue. This is an excellent way of feeding large groups quickly. You’ll need gas or charcoal, cutlery, crockery, and a lighter. It’s also always a good idea to have a bottle opener and a tin opener on hand.

First aid kit

Accidents can happen anywhere. If you’re heading out into a canyon or hiking up a cliff, it’s wise to take a first aid kit with you. Pack some band-aids and bandages, painkillers, and sterile dressings. If you have allergies, or you suffer from asthma, make sure you have the relevant medication with you.

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Camping holidays are always an adventure. If you’re gearing up to pack the car and get out on the open roads, don’t forget these essential items. Follow this checklist, plan your route, and think about how you’re going to spend your time. Have an incredible vacation, and don’t forget to take lots of snaps!


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