Amateur Skiing Mistakes Almost Everybody Makes

Going on a ski trip can be such a rush, but there are a few mistakes you’ll find almost everybody makes when they’re just starting out. What could be so hard? All you have to do is wear the right gear and slide down a snowy hill, right? Wrong! So much more goes into it, so you need to be aware of these mistakes. Don’t make the same amateur mistakes that everybody makes!

Hitting The Slopes Without A Lesson

Don’t hit the slopes without having at least one lesson first. You really can’t beat the guidance of a qualified instructor, even if your friends think they know what you’re doing. In fact, one of the most amateur mistakes people make is trusting their friends to teach them to ski. Don’t listen to them! Always get the guidance of a professional.


Buying Lots Of Expensive Gear

Don’t go out and buy a ton of expensive gear before your first ski trip. What if you absolutely hate skiing and never want to see another slope for as long as you live? You won’t get nearly as much money back for the stuff you’ve bought! Instead, rent out some gear once you get there. You won’t be lumbered with stuff you’ll never use again, and you’ll have a better idea of whether this sport is really for you. You might love the idea of being a skier, but that doesn’t mean you’ll love skiing.

Drinking Too Much Before A Big Ski

Some people get to a place like Purple Ski lodge and end up drinking way too much. The alcohol, paired with the thin air and other factors can make you feel dizzy and even more hungover the next day. This will impair your ability on the slopes! If you want to put on your best performance, or at least ski without hassle, you shouldn’t have too much to drink before skiing. When you ski, it’s important to stay hydrated too. Alcohol will only dehydrate you, so be sensible.

Sticking To People Who Are Better Than You

You may be travelling with people who are confident enough to do large slopes. Sticking with these people when you’re new will only mean you have a bad time. Forcing them to stick with you on the smaller slopes will mean they don’t approve at all either. Don’t be afraid to ski alone on the smaller slopes at first.


Looking At Your Skis

While you ski, you need to watch where you’re going. Watching your skis move through the perfect snow can be mesmerizing, but you can also hurt yourself if you’re not careful. Always look ahead!

Getting Overconfident

You should never consider yourself a professional skier. No matter how great you are, there’s always something new to learn. Plus, you can pretty much guarantee that once you think you’ve got the hang of it, the slopes throw you a curveball. It’s all part of the fun!

Don’t make these amateur mistakes when skiing and you’ll have a much better time!


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