Holly-Day-Wood! Take Your Trip Inspiration From The Big Screen

When you ask people what they enjoy, you will find a list that is repeated throughout the world. That list usually includes among it mention of two things: movies and holidays.


It’s easy to understand why; we can all appreciate the value of a good film, and holidays are a highlight of the year. Yet despite this well-acknowledged fact, we rarely think about bringing the two delights together. Choosing your holiday based on where a film was based may seem prosaic, but it can actually open up the world in ways you never thought of.


So rather than booking the usual package deal to the same old destinations, take a tip from the silver screen and look further afield.


Lost In Translation: Japan


Image Source: Flickr


Widely considered to be a cult classic, Lost In Translation was nevertheless a huge success when it debuted in 2003. It starred Bill Murray and was written and directed by the respected Sofia Coppola.


The Toyko setting for the film was deliberate. The calm cool of the hotel was contrasted with the visually striking street scenes to show a difference between the two main characters. Without the bright lights of Tokyo, the film would not be as glorious as it is. Experience the rush yourself with a trip to the Japanese capital.


The Beach: Thailand and surrounding islands

Image Credit: Wikipedia


The Beach is a film with the landscape so prolific it is almost a character. The story is centered on untouched paradises and trying to preserve them. Get in touch with your own paradise with a visit to the Thai islands, and see why they inspire such stories.


Filming took place on the island of Phi Phi Le, though not without causing havoc environmentally. If you wish to pay a little bit more respect than the film-makers, this part of the world is as beautiful as the film portrays it to be.


Cast Away: Island Treasures


One of Tom Hanks’ biggest movies in a long and storied career, Cast Away focuses on a shipwrecked man with a nod to Robinson Crusoe. While the island for the film was a mix of CGI and location, there are plenty of real-world destinations that can give the same sense. Ideal choices are Maldives islands like Soneva Fushi and others far from the nearest landmass.


They offer the perfect escapism from the modern world, but you don’t need to worry about surviving off the debris of a plane crash. So you get the scope and the landscape without the pressing need for survival; the best of both worlds!


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: New Zealand

Image Source: WikiMedia Commons


The stunning scope of JRR Tolkien’s imaginary world needed somewhere spectacular to bring it to life. Luckily, New Zealand director Peter Jackson knew his home country would more than suffice. The landscape is almost out of this world, and draws extreme sports fans for a wild holiday unlike anywhere else.


Finally, a mistake you don’t want to make


The Terminal: Just Go To The Airport!
Tom Hanks’ almost saccharine-sweet movie about a man stranded at an airport is an option if you like your holidays without the traveling. Which absolutely no one does, so pass through as quickly as possible and get to one of the stunning locations above.


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