Oops! People Forget To Do This When Booking A Trip To Canada

Canada is a top place to visit, so it’s not surprising it’s on many people’s bucket list. After all, with the incredible landscapes and wilderness, it makes a fantastic holiday that you will never forget. And the cities are must-sees; Vancouver is often voted one of the most beautiful in North America. And you can see some of the other highlights that draw tourists every year in my previous blog. However, if you do book a trip to Canada, don’t forget to do the following to have a great trip!


Read up on different areas

You might be surprised to know that Canada is bigger than the US. In fact, it’s the second largest country in the world. Despite everyone flocking to the States for their travels, there is much more to see in beautiful Canada. But as it’s so big, it can be hard to choose somewhere to go when booking your trip. Therefore, before you pick somewhere to go, you need to remember to research the different destinations in the country. That way, you will find out what’s best for your trip. After all, some might be better for adventure travel, while others would be ideal for relaxing. Researching before you book will also ensure you can check how close areas are to one another. For example, some people book Quebec, so that they can easily visit Vermont and Montreal while they are there.

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Look into getting an Eta

A lot of people think that their passport is enough if they are headed to Canada. But they won’t let you in unless you have particular documents such as an Eta to get into the country. It will enable you to stay in the country for up to six months. You have to sort one of these a few months before you intend to travel, just in case you have issues getting it passed straight away. You will have to pay a small fee to get one for your trip. You can find out more about Canadian ETA requirements online, so that you can check if you need one before you travel!

Check the weather

You don’t want to start packing for your trip to Canada and then end up needing to repack as you forgot to check the weather! After all, you will need long sleeved clothes if there will be cold weather in your destination. Remember you should not check the country as a whole when you are looking at the weather. It can be very different in particular areas; so pack to suit your chosen destination in the country!

Get your money exchanged

A lot of people wait until they get to Canada before they exchange their money. After all, they think they will get a great deal once they are there. But if you want to get the most for your money, you should get it exchanged while you are still at home. And as this article says, remember to familiarise yourself with the sales taxes and tipping before you get to the country.


Don’t forget to check out the laws and regulations before you get to the country. You don’t want to end up getting into trouble for things you should have known about before travelling. And learn some basic French before you go; you can’t just presume they will all speak English!


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